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ElderLaw News
ElderLaw News is a monthly e-newsletter that brings you reports of legal developments and other trends of vital interest to seniors and their advocates. This newsletter is brought to you by The Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm, P.C.

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Elder Law News
What Do You Mean Electronic Will?
Early Signs of Dementia and What to Do About Them
Decanting an Irrevocable Trust to Protect Public Benefit Eligibility
Exceptions to Medicaid Estate Recovery
Beware Hospital “Outpatient” Observation Status
Issues to Consider when Your Child Goes off to College
Intra-Family Conflict After Death – It’s Expensive
Commonly Overlooked Tools for Incapacity Planning
Life-Saving Tech Tip for Cell Phone Users
Financial Spring Cleaning
Cruising through Caregiving – Book Review
Spotlight on Income Taxes: Medical Deduction for Assisted Living
Musings on a Road Trip
Understanding a Resident’s Transfer and Discharge Rights under the Nursing Home Reform Act
Asset Protection: What can I do to protect my assets in the event of a lawsuit?
The Effect of Divorce on Your Estate Plan
Protect Yourself from Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud
Little-Known Burial Benefits for Veterans
Home Upgrades to Help Aging in Place
Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility
Early Onset Alzheimer’s-Type Dementia
Beware Scams Targeting Seniors and the Unwary
Life Insurance Considerations for Your Estate Plan
Medicare Advantage Plans
Lessons Everyone Can Learn From Prince’s Estate
High Profile Estate Disputes
Life Insurance Considerations for Your Estate Plan
Preserving Family History
Freedom of Sexual Expression for Elderly and Disabled Adults
Changes In Virginia Spousal Inheritance Rights
Transferring Real Estate into an LLC: Use Caution When a Mortgage is Involved
Your Income Tax Return Isn’t Ready? Don’t Panic
Spotlight on Income Taxes: Medical Deduction for Assisted Living
The Missing Element of Your Estate Plan
Spotlight on Income Taxes: Medical Deduction for Assisted Living
The Cost of Procrastination
Promoting Community Integration via a New Medicaid Waiver System for Virginia
Communicating with a Loved One with Alzheimer’s
Aging In Place (It’s the little things…)
New Emergency Contact Listing Provided by Virginia

Who to Select as Fiduciary
New Emergency Contact Listing Provided by Virginia
My Aunt Named Me the Executor of her Will – Now What?
New Emergency Contact Listing Provided by Virginia
Department of Defense Releases Regulation Pertaining to Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Annuity to Special Needs Trusts
My Aunt Named Me the Executor of her Will – Now What?
What To Do After A Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s
Spotlight on: Virginia’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
In An Era of Elder Abuse, How Can You Prevent Exploitation?
Elder Law and Special Needs Attorneys: What You Should Know
New Reverse Mortgage Requirements
What To Do After A Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s
Elder Law and Special Needs Attorneys: What You Should Know
Should I Have A Revocable Trust?
Understanding the Advance Medical Directive
Focusing on Older Americans: An Introduction to the Older Americans Act
Understanding Estate and Gift Taxes
Long-Term Care Costs in 2015
What To Look For In A Long-Term Care Insurance Policy
Managing Incapacity: A Brief Overview of Guardianship in Virginia and Available Alternatives
Intra-Family Agreements
Influences on Retirement Age
Estate Planning Considerations for the Small Business Owner
Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan
A Lifesaver: The Geriatric Care Manager
The Importance of Gifting Powers in Long-Term Care Planning
Deducting Care Expenses and What You Should Know
Common Mistakes In "Do It Yourself" Estate Planning
The Power of Sleep
Congress’s Affirmation of Medicaid’s Position as Payer of Last Resort
Managing Your Long-Term Care Insurance Company
Happy New Year—A New Leaf
Involving the Elderly in Family Festivities
The Link between Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol Levels
New Changes In Reverse Mortgage Regulations Provide Opportunity For The Elderly
Managing Your Long-Term Care Insurance Company
New Technology Aids Financial Analysis
Remedying a Common Estate Planning Error: Improper Titling of Assets
Preserving Your Real Property Tax Exemption When Creating Your Estate Plan
It's Summertime – Do You Know Where Your Children/Parents Are?

Discipline and the Special Ed Student
Adaptive CrossFit
Estate Planning for Pet Owners
Disability Planning Gone Wrong
Elder Law Statistics for 2014
Down’s Syndrome and the Link to Alzheimer’s
Intimacy and the Elderly
Duties of a Trustee in Managing a Trust for the Benefit of an Individual with Special Needs
The Role of Guardianships & Conservatorships in Today’s World
How to Name Beneficiaries of your IRA
What Are Pet Trusts?
Ideal Nest Egg Grows
Working Longer May Help You
Respecting Privacy
The Importance of Updating Your Beneficiary Designations after Hillman v. Maretta
Using Home Equity in Retirement
Reverse Mortgage – Questions & Answers
Online Application for VA Benefits
When It Comes to an Inheritance, How Much is Too Much?
Denial About Aging
Pet Visitation in Facilities
Windsor v. U.S. and the Defense of Marriage Act: What Does it Mean?
The Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know – Part 1
Affordable Care Act and Health Marketplaces
How Doctors Die, Part 3
How Doctors Die, Part 2
How Doctors Die, Part 1
Alzheimer’s Support Groups
Documents to Keep
The Cost of Getting Older
What You Need To Know About Long-Term Care Planning
What Downton Abbey Can Teach Us about Money
Beneficiary Form Cautions
Social Security Online
“Before I Go,” by Arie Korving – Book Review
Health Care Deductions, Some New Considerations
Hope for Alzheimer’s Through Nutrition
Tips To Control Your Budget
Exploitation of the Elderly – the Virginia Response
Medicare to Cover More Home Health Services
Hospice v. Skilled Nursing Facility

Physicians Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST)
Myths About Alzheimer's Disease
The Seven Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
Qualified Disabled Veteran's Nursing Home Care
A Review of "On Death & Dying" (a book by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D.)
The American Taxpayer Relief Act 2012: A Basic Overview
After Death - Who Pays the Credit Card Bills?
Owners Title Insurance: Something to Think About
For Medicaid, Long-Term Care Costs of Elderly are Rising
The Future of Elder Law
Hospital Admission Advisory
Changing One's Domicile -- More Complicated Than You Think
Savings and Retirement
Autism – The Invisible Disability
Making the Most of Your Social Security Benefits
The Pitfalls of Medicare
The Social Dimension in Estate Planning
Medical Alert Systems
New Thoughts about Living Wills
Appreciating the Aging Process
Changes in Virginia Law
Genworth 2012 Cost of Care Survey
At-Home Technology Allows Seniors to Remain Independent
Taxation of Social Security Benefits
Benefits for Special Needs Children of Civil Service Employees
LLCs and Wills
Americans Stay Alert to Ageism
iPad Applications for Seniors
Smart Shopper: Be a Wise Consumer of Health Care Services
Two to Tango: Using Positive Communication When Someone has Dementia (Part II)
Two to Tango: Using Positive Communication When Someone has Dementia (Part I)
Smart Shopper: Be a Wise Consumer of Health Care Services
Honor Flights for American Veterans
2012 Elder Law Numbers
What is a CELA?
Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence in Will Contests
Planning to Replace the Irreplaceable Parent
Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
Keys to Living a Longer, Happier Life
Alzheimer's Disease and Family Caregivers
Long-term Care Insurance Developments
Taking Over Aging Parents' Finances
Spendthrifts: Preserving Your Estate for Your Children
Pooled Trusts
CMS Provides First Guidance for Liability Medicare Set-Asides
Adult Adoption and Inheritance
Undue Influence
Digital Estate Planning
Efficient Funding of Long-term Care Insurance

After-Death Decisions
Estate Planning for Unmarried and Same Sex Couples
The Caregiver's Prison
Home Sweet Home - Protecting Your Greatest Investment
Medications and Seniors
Limited Liability Companies: The Entity of Choice for Estate and Business Planning
Male Menopause
Special Benefits for Military Families - Elect With Care
Charitable Giving Is On The Rise
Guardianships For Adult Children With Disabilities
Estate and Financial Planning: It's Never to Early to Start
Financial Elder Abuse
Medicaid's Rights of Recovery in Personal Injury Cases
Interest Rates and Retirement
Behavior Problems and Dementia
Nutrition and Exercise - Partners for Life
Behavior Problems and Dementia
Protecting Your Retirement Plan in a Corporate Transition
Respite Care
Who Is In Charge?
The Uniform Power of Attorney Act
What Records to Keep and How Long to Keep Them
Undue Influence and Wills
Projecting the Amount of Savings and Income You Will Need in Retirement
End-Of-Life Care For Veterans
Emergency Rooms for the Elderly
Trustee Discretion and The Court
America's Best Nursing Homes
Conservatorship and Testamentary Capacity
National Healthcare Decisions Day
Life Care Planning - A New Focus For Elder Law Firms
Elder Financial Abuse - What Are the Signs?
Trust Administration Issues
2010 Tax Relief Act – Is It Really A Relief?
Questions for Aging Parents
Compensating Family Caregivers
Pooled Trusts
Holiday Blues — Depression in the Elderly
Caregiving from Afar
Wills and Undue Influence
Medicare Project for Home Visits
Medicare Update
Charitable Giving Tips for the Holidays
Dementia Cases and Costs
A Pacemaker and Our Healthcare System
Waiting for Medicare
Trust Divisons and Terminations
Screenings for Nursing Facility Entry
Medical Records and Identity Theft

From Nursing Home to Home
Questions for Aging Parents
Wills – Dispensing with Formalities
Retirement Planning Calculators
Gifts You Can Give After Your Lifetime
Keys to Living a Longer, Happier Life
Survey of Long-term Care Costs in 2010
Life Care Planning
Taking Over Aging Parents' Finances
Costs Associated with Reverse Mortgages on the Decline
Compassionate Allowances Initiative
Acting your Age When Making Investment Choices
Ten Reasons to Create or Update Your Estate Plan Now
At-Home Technology Allows Seniors to Remain Independent
Negative Inheritance
Gifts You Can Give Now
Aging in Place
IRA Rescue
The Virginia Uniform Power of Attorney Act
Health Care Overhaul: When and How It Will Affect You (Part 2)
Health Care Overhaul: When and How It Will Affect You
2010 - The Year of Carryover Basis
No Estate Tax Means Extra, and Different, Planning
America's Best Nursing Homes
Long-term Care Partnership Program and Medicaid
2010 Elder Law Numbers
Is It Time to Give Up Driving?
Establishing Your Correct Medicare Premium
Don't Forget to Pass on Passwords
The Benefits of Funeral and Burial Pre-Planning by Reginald Cole
Caregiver Burnout - Adult Day Care to the Rescue
Long-Distance Caregivers Receive Help
Legacy Letters and Ethical Wills
Life Estate and Medicaid
Seniors and Falls - A Critical Combination
Powers of Attorney and Fiduciary Duty
Advance Medical Directive Explanation
ERISA Plans, Beneficiary Designation Forms, and Divorce
Trust Protectors and Fiduciary
Social Security Online
Housing Crisis Affects Seniors' Efforts to Move
Amended Special Needs Trust Still Exempt
Year-End Tax Planning Tips
Choosing Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities
Questions for Aging Parents
Appealing Health Insurance Coverage Denials
Medicare Part B Premium Remains the Same in 2009
Home Inventory Provides Peace of Mind
It's an Election Year -- Time to Update Your Estate Plan
Economic Stimulus Check Deadline Nears

When Should You Start Receiving Social Security Benefits?
Reverse Mortgages
Is My Bank Account Insured?
Pace Program Helps Seniors Stay at Home
Maybe It's Time to Downsize
Assisted Living Facility Costs as Tax Deductions
Expecting an Inheritance? – Not So Fast
Charitable Giving
Family Generosity and the Gift Tax
CMS Proposes New Protections for Medicare Beneficiaries
When Crisis Hits Persons with Disabilities
Deadline Nears for Free Credit Monitoring Services
Elective Share and Separate Property
Social Security Early Retirement Decision Can Be Reversed
Estate Planning for Blended Families
Veterans' Benefits for Home and Assisted Living Care
How to approach your parents about their Estate Plan
National Healthcare Decisions Day
Abandonment and Elective Share
Understanding Caregiver Stress
Children with Disabilities and Social Security
Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
Structured Settlements and the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Negative Inheritance
Trusts and Taxes
Aging in Place
Tax Relief for Widows and Widowers
What Is Going On With Grandma?
Virginia Viatical Settlements Act Upheld
Trust Modifications for Beneficiaries with Disabilities
Annuities and Long-Term Care Planning
2008 Long-Term Care Spousal Standards
Pooled Trusts
Challenges in Special Needs Trust Administration Part II
Challenges in Special Needs Trust Administration
Medicare Rates for 2008
Don't Forget to Pass on Passwords
Insurance Gaps and Unexpected Tragedies Leave Many Facing Impossible Choices
The Need for Integrated Planning
Trust Revocation By Will
Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning
Retirement Planning for Baby Boomers
Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning
Top Ten Red Flags of Elder Financial Abuse
Update On Personal Care Contracts
Teach Your Children and Grandchildren About Giving
U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Parents of Children with Disabilities
Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
How to Approach Your Parents About Their Estate Plan

Pensions, Divorce, and Medicaid
2007 Legislative Update, Part II
2007 Legislative Update
Virginia Advance Directives Day
Personal Care Service Contracts For Nursing Home Residents
Accelerated Benefits and Long-Term Care Planning
Planning For Retirement Benefits Revisited
The Law of Later-Life Health Care and Decision Making
Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits
How to Protect Your Earning Power from a Disability or Sickness
Undue Influence and Confidential Relationships
Aging Is Not Easy
Avoiding Problems When Funding Your Revocable Trust
Elder Financial Abuse – Why Should You Care?
Virginia Long-Term Care Partnership Program on the Way
Reverse Mortgages May Be A More Affordable Option in 2007
Long-Term Care Planning for Unmarried or Same Sex Couples
Elder Care Costs Deplete Childrens Savings
Charitable Giving Through Life Insurance
Holiday Tips for Families with Elderly Relatives
Estimating the Medicare Part D “Doughnut Hole”
Baby Boomer's Guide to Nursing Home Care
Medicare Part D Revisited
Pooled Trusts
Estate Recovery Update
2007 Long-Term Care Spousal Standards
Assisted Living Facility Financial Help for Veterans
Year-End Tax Planning Tips
Medicare Rates for 2007
Intergenerational Help Is New Trend
Smart Planning with Long-Term Care Insurance
Care Agreements – by Letha Sgritta
Life Settlements – Finding Hidden Value in Your Financial Statement
Long-Term Care Insurance – A Key Part of Retirement Planning
Means-Tested Medicare PART B Premiums to Start in 2007
Pension Protection Act of 2006
Care Management Services for People with Disabilities Mental Illness: A Growing Need
Seniors and Driving
How to Approach Your Parents About Their Estate Plan
Will I be Liable for My Parent's Nursing Home Bill?
The Military’s Survivor Benefit Plan and the Child with Disabilities
New Law, New Opportunities
How Does Medicaid Treat Heir Property?
PET Trusts
Patient Assistance Programs
Proof of Citizenship and Identity for Medicaid Applicants and Recipients
Estate Planning for Blended Families
Common Errors in Long-term Care Planning
Law Suits to Challenge the Validity of Deficit Reduction Act of 05
New Rules, Tough Results

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