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The Power of Sleep

We all know how powerful and how energizing a good night’s sleep is through personal experience.

However, now there are scientific reasons for making sure you get enough sleep. Researchers now believe that sleep performs a cleansing function for the brain. While you are asleep, the brain is busily flushing toxins, thus restoring itself. It works in this way. Through the study of sleeping mice, they have found that brain cells actually shrink while the cleaning process is underway to facilitate the process. It is as if they shrink to allow more room for an invisible fluid to wash away the toxic substances that the brain collects during waking periods. What is more astounding is that one of the toxins that is flushed is linked to Alzheimer’s–the beta-amyloid protein, believed to be responsible for the formation of plaque, which coats brain cells and renders them impaired. This research was conducted at the University of Rochester under the direction of neurosurgeon Maiken Nedergaard.

Dr. Nedergaard has further learned that this fluid is part of what she and her team call the “glymphatic system.” It is a network in the body that cleanses and flushes waste from the brain. The fluid doing the cleaning is cerebrospinal fluid, which then carries the waste to the bloodstream, and then to its final destination–the liver. In the liver, the last stage of cleaning occurs. They have also discovered that this cleansing process occurs twice as rapidly in a sleeping rodent, as compared to one that is upright and active.

So now we realize why, without enough sleep, one feels disoriented, lethargic, and maybe even cranky. For rats, adequate sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity. Meeri Kim, the author of the article reviewing the study says, “Rats deprived of sleep die within weeks.” This is not true for all animal species. Elephants only require 3 hours of sleep per night, but cats sleep 12 or more hours per day. This variation among animals has puzzled scientists, but they now have an explanation for the variation. According to another neuroscientist, Suzana Herculano-Honzel, brain size may affect the amount of sleep required. Hence, larger animals like elephants require only 3 hours, humans 7-8 hours, cats 12+ hours, etc.

Dr. Nedergaard sees implications in these findings for not only Alzheimer’s, but also for such diseases as Parkinson’s and chronic traumatic encephalopathy– all neurodegenerative disorders. Her team is currently working on an MRI test measuring the level/rate of glymphatic clearance. She feels that if an individual’s system does not perform this function naturally, that a drug could be developed to stimulate the process chemically. In the meantime, adequate sleep may be one way to forestall the onset of Alzheimer’s. What powerful information–and it’s all within our control!


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