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Discipline and the Special Ed Student

A Justice Department report indicates that while special education students represent 12 percent of the nation’s students, they comprise 19 percent of those suspended or expelled from school.

The rights of students with disabilities are protected by both IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and Title II of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and they cannot legally be subjected to long suspensions or expulsions for behaviors that are manifestations of their disabilities. Research indicates that “reprimands, detentions and exclusion” are ineffective means of modifying student behavior and that long absences from school increase dropout rates, especially for students with special needs. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of unemployment and continuing economic dependence.

Students with special needs face a wide range of behavioral challenges. A child with severe intellectual disabilities may require concrete illustrations in order to understand a school’s discipline code. A young person with ADHD may be prone to outbursts. A child with autism may repeatedly bang on her desk.

As students with special needs have moved from self-contained classes into mainstream learning environments, they have often faced pressures that exacerbate problem behaviors. The transition from elementary to middle and high school can be particularly fraught. Through grade six, a child is likely to have only one or two teachers throughout the day, offering an opportunity to develop relationships and coping strategies. In the upper grades, though, students are faced with an array of instructors charged with evaluating them for credit-bearing coursework. They have tight schedules throughout the school day, and the flexibility of grade school has disappeared.

While there are many documented benefits to being taught — as required by law — in the least restrictive environment possible, a child with ADHD may find it excruciating to sit through a 90-minute algebra class, which can occur with block scheduling. With the introduction of national “core standards” and increased focus on test results, teachers sometimes find it difficult to provide the individualized attention that many students with disabilities require.

Funding cuts – at a time when the number of special ed students is ballooning – aggravate the situation. Affecting everything from teacher-student ratios to educator training to the number of school counselors on staff, tight budgets are making it more difficult to provide children with special needs with the support they need in order to flourish.


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